World Internet Summit SMASHED

I am VERY sorry to hear you will not be comming Pearson as IT would have been nice to have had a long chat with YOU.

You said in one of your other posts “that other then the guy from Singapore, it was unlikely that anyone would want your Learning English cd’s” or something on those lines.

YOU ARE WRONG, you are underselling yourself.

There are a LOT of people in the USA and other English speaking countries who NEED to learn English, at the moment they only speak Spanish or some other languages.

YES some od David’s comments were over the top and even made me think, but if YOU knew him you would have known where the message was comming from and it was NOT his wallet talking, if a half dozen extra people come or do NOT come, it will not be a big gain or loss to David, but it will to those half a dozen people.

Sometimes you have to look past the smoke, the hype, the B/S at the real message, forget the words that are said and look at what the person is TRYING to say.

YES you and I know that MOST of the people on this forum are busy earning money, I have had more posts on here then anyone else, does that mean I am not earning money, NO, I have a team who are working away while I am on here making contacts. This NOW the ONLY Forum I post on other then the 3 my team runs.

Most people ASSUME that people who post a lot do NOT have anything better to do and MAYBE David has fallen into that same trap. WE KNOW WE POST A LOT ON HERE BECAUSE WE WANT TO HELP EACH OTHER, I have lots of other work I could be doing right now, but I do NOT want ANYBODY to miss out because I made a mistake before.

I made the mistake of looking at the price and writing it off as someone being GREEDY, my opion of someone being GREEDY HAS NOT CHANGED. I know it COULD and SHOULD have been done at a much lower cost that FACT has not changed.

But as I said THIS is not the thing to make a stand over, as YOU will be the loser, but that ONLY applies if you do want to do JV’s now or in the future with the speakers or other attendee’s.

Lets be honest with each other, if you Pearson had never met me as a fellow attendee would you have joined any of my programs?

With Steve Thomas and myself it was a little different as we both bought Mark Joynors crap and tried to do something with it, by talking on a forum we set up a JV with 5 of us in it, 4 of us then met at a hotel in Birmingham, later 3 of us met in Bristol, Steve and me are the only 2 left, but we have a VERY good working friendship now.

While I have been typing this I have also been having a MSN chat with Steve and Joe Clayton has phoned me twice (3 times in all since 5pm).

The point is, please do NOT hang David just because of his comments on here, please wait till you meet him, do NOT make the same judgement mistake as me.