Whose Country Is It Anyway? Ripped Off In Broad Daylight

On the left, we have Comrade Treason, noted for giving aid and comfort to the enemy – in exchange for what? A guarantee, by foreign interests, of becoming President so he could smoothly deliver the United States into their hands? On the right we have the Globalist Country Boy, using our nation’s strength to please his neocon handlers who do not have this nation as their first loyalty. But he has displeased some of them and they are extracting their revenge through higher oil prices. High oil prices have never seen a sitting President re-elected. On the odd chance that he is re-elected, he, too, will continue to make our nation’s sovereignty subservient to foreign interests.

This pathetic excuse for an election is little more than an exercise in thought control. So far, the only issue raised by the challenger is the conduct of the war in Iraq. He has said it is wrong, but failed to present a plausible reason for his brilliant 20/20 hindsight. I am glad Saddam is gone. But does anyone now believe it is about weapons of mass destruction? Why have the sources of the WMD information never been exposed as frauds? Just who benefits most from Iraq under UN control?

Why can’t we have a president who puts the United States first in everything and avoids deadly foreign entanglements?

Then there are the ignored issues. Top of the list is illegal immigration. If you haven’t noticed, illegals have benefits (such as free medical care) unavailable to taxpaying voters. The flood coming across the borders is portrayed as “victims” (sob) who just want to do jobs American citizens are too lazy or proud to do. What self-respecting American can work for those twenty-first century slavers who don’t pay minimum, provide no benefits and pay no taxes? How do the slavers get away with it? Do they tell the candidates that they will deliver votes from the illegals if the candidate does not rock the boat?

The refusal of many of our leaders, in the White House, in Congress and in the Border States, to protect our borders and sovereignty is treason. They are allowing our nation to be invaded by a foreign army. National security requires that we put our own needs, as a nation, above that of Mexico’s and the cheap labor lovers.

If the Twin Towers was our Pearl Harbor, why has the border security response been so weak? The money that goes to the new Homeland Security Department to protect air travelers should go to the Border Patrol and Immigration enforcement. Not to have done that gives credence to the theory that the WTC bombing was a false flag operation and elements of the government are allowing another one to be organized. Why else would they not seal the borders and enforce immigration laws?

The next issue is the protected multinational corporation. Do they contribute to campaign coffers in order to manipulate policy? Do donkeys bray? Do the CEO’s get together to scheme how to prostitute candidates? Sure looks like it.

Outsourcing has been going on since the 1960’s when the Philadelphia garment district was dismantled and put on a ship. To blame this administration exclusively for the loss of jobs is naïve: it takes at least five years to relocate an operation off shore. CEO’s have been doing this and blaming the unions or stockholders for the loss of jobs. Yes, they may be partly to blame, but when the increased income for management in using slave labor is considered, the blame for job loss rests exclusively on the shoulders of management. They made the decisions. Stockholders have rarely been asked to vote on anything more than management recommendations for accountants and board members.

In addition to the export of jobs is the exportation of the manufacturing equipment. All the fabric mills, shoe factories, steel mills, etc. etc. have had their equipment removed to foreign shores. The ability to make the huge, complex manufacturing machinery has been compromised because there is little gray metal left in the US needed to build them. The largest source of gray metal (if my information is accurate) is in Israel. Even if we wanted to restore our manufacturing ability, we would have some big challenges in doing so. Every job in manufacturing supports five in the service sector, if the manufacturing jobs are here.

Why is over 50% of our military supplies made overseas? What happens when hostile elements shut down our few remaining ports? Or if China decides not to dock its ships here anymore? How would we protect and care for ourselves? The arrogant elites in Washington think they have the dragon by the tail, but we are in its mouth.

The recent shock over a flu vaccine shortage is another example of unnecessary problems created by the Greed Creed of multinationals. A foreign plant manufacturing flu vaccine for the U.S. is contaminated and many will not receive the vaccine as a result. Why are our vaccines being manufactured overseas? We never had that problem when drugs were manufactured here. This work was outsourced so management could pocket more income, income guaranteed by the government and ultimately the taxpayers. Those dollars should be spent on drugs manufactured here instead of implementing economic globalism at our expense.

Economic globalism is nothing more than a Greed Creed scheme to make the filthy rich richer at every one else’s expense.

Do our candidates get campaign contributions from the multinationals? Why are they not indicted on conflict of interest charges?

Our access to our own natural resources is disappearing before our eyes. The bogus environmental movement, a cover for a well-funded anti-private property movement, is assiduously removing our ability to provide for ourselves as individuals and as a nation. Setting aside productive land for bugs, vermin and scenic views is insane. It is so insane that most are unprepared to counter it with the vehemence needed to defeat it. Romantic turns of phrase such as “Sustainable Development” cover anti-humanity programs that could leave our grandchildren as serfs or illiterate cavemen. But none of our candidates notice.

The traditional concept of the good of our nation as sovereign and self-determining is not part of the rhetoric or debate. We-the-people have become window-dressing, trotted out to legitimize the office-holders and otherwise ignored.

The electorate must also be held accountable for this sorry state of affairs. They too ceased to hold the good of the nation in highest esteem. They are ignorant of its history, goals and issues. Too many recite the Greed Creed, especially on Election Day. Most vote for themselves, their perceived self-interest. They want to be taken care of from womb to tomb, without accountability or responsibility. They are seduced by the promise of taxing the rich. They fall for the “safety and security” baloney, ready to give up self-determination and self-defense for it. They continue in their childish ways, believing Uncle Sugar will always be there for them, foolishly believing that a government larger than many nations has the ability or desire to take care of anything besides itself.

The hidden agenda is not new but has never been more obvious. Can it be thwarted without violence?

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Whose Country Is It Anyway? I WONDER! (Score:1)
By jazentha on Friday October 15, 2004 at 2:35 pm MST (#39447)

The other day during a political debate, Representative Pete Sessions (R, TX), of the 32nd District here in Dallas, was excoriated by some brash Hispanic leaders for allegedly declaring that “undocumented (illegal) immigrants should be arrested, jailed, and deported.” While I am not sure whether Sessions actually put it that way, he certainly CANNOT be blamed for his feelings as a patriotic American. And he is NOT alone. Countless American citizens are FED UP with illegal aliens crashing our borders and cashing in on government benefits supposedly only for citizens and legal foreign residents. While our religious leaders, most notably Catholics, tend to favor erring on the side of mercy with regard to illicit foreigners, it is DISASTROUS for our nation. For instance, illegal aliens tend to come from destitute areas with poor health care and sanitation. Illegal aliens are thus MORE likely to be carriers of contagious lethal diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, Chagas, and others. They are MORE likely to bring such maladies into the United States because they sneak across the boundary and thus bypass border health check points which would detect the ailments they may be harboring that can endanger the lives of countless Americans. Too, many illegal aliens are CRIMINALS, and some are VERY DANGEROUS. Surely if there is ONE thing we do NOT need, it is MORE murders, rapists, child molesters, drug traffickers, and other such undesirables. Another ugly consequence of illegal immigration is the CHEAPENING OF LABOR. This has resulted in a general DECLINE in the STANDARD OF LIVING for MILLIONS OF AMERICANS, while a selfish few PROSPER at the EXPENSE of the middle class and poor. Greedy employers nationwide are ever seeking endless cheap labor, and illegal aliens provide a READY SUPPLY of it. So many entry-level jobs have disappeared because of illegal cheap foreign labor it is difficult, if not impossible, to get started in the job market. Lots of good-paying technical jobs have vanished, too, thanks to outsourcing and the employment of illegal aliens. Many greedy employers claim they MUST hire illegal aliens to do jobs that Americans wouldn’t touch. However, that is NOT entirely true. There ARE Americans who would take these jobs, but the employers are TOO DAMN GREEDY to pay Americans decent wages. So illegal aliens are exploited to NO END, and their working and living conditions are DEPLORABLE! Many Americans who are experienced workers have lost their jobs to illegal aliens, but the greedy employers don’t care. That the illegal aliens replacing the Americans are generally uneducated and unskilled isn’t important. It doesn’t matter if unskilled labor reduces the quality of the product; all that matters is increasing the bottom line. Hormel Meat Products of Austin, MN, used to manufacture first-rate meat products, produced by professional American employees adept in meat processing. Some ten years ago, Hormel got greedy. They fired their veteran American workers and brought in uneducated, unskilled illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere to work in the plant. The difficulties in training utterly illiterate, unskilled illegal aliens in meat processing proved disastrous. With inept labor, the quality of Hormel meat products gradually deteriorated. Today, Hormel products are NOWHERE NEAR as good as they used to be. But, again, lack of marketable skills is only the beginning. That most illegal aliens don’t know diddlywinks about English doesn’t matter either; here in Dallas, TX, there are SCORES of businesses where NOT ONE English-speaking employee can be found. While many employers advertise for bilingual help, they quickly drop you if you are a BILINGUAL AMERICAN. Being trilingual myself (I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese), I have repeatedly confronted two-faced employers whose job advertisements request bilingual help, but REFUSE to hire ANYONE whom they CANNOT manipulate. And some of the illegal aliens can be JUST AS BAD as some American citizens when it comes to racism. Some immigrants are inordinately proud of their language and culture, and demand the good life here WITHOUT having to learn English. Why, some even have the nerve to demand that Americans learn THEIR language, while denouncing as “racist” Americans who rightly expect them to learn English. In truth, THEY are the racists, NOT the Americans who believe they should learn English. Would you believe that there are SCORES of immigrants who became citizens WITHOUT learning sufficient English to be able to VOTE on their own? EVERY election year, translators are requested to volunteer at the Dallas polls to help citizens who don’t know enough English to cast their ballots unassisted. Some immigrants even DEMAND THE VOTE without having to become citizens. Arizona has a new bill called “Proposition 200″ on the statewide ballot next November. Arizona had investigated its elections and discovered that FOREIGNERS had voted in many of them. Proposition 200 would require proof of citizenship when registering to vote, and surely there is NOTHING wrong with that! Many racist immigrant leaders and their inane American supporters believe Proposition 200 is racist, but it most assuredly is NOT! This law simply insures that the vote is limited to CITIZENS, and there is NOTHING racist about that!(Many of my good foreign friends are EMBARRASSED by racist immigrants. One, a Puerto Rican Catholic priest, 43, says immigrants who won’t learn English are only HURTING THEMSELVES. His young Mexican friend, 37, also a priest, has been here for 25 years, but says that, as a non-citizen, he would NEVER vote because it would be DISRESPECTFUL.) It is HIGH TIME that our leaders, especially religious leaders of immigrant and minority groups, start reminding immigrants and minorities that racism comes in ALL colors, not just white. It is time for people to realize that descendants CANNOT be justly blamed for sins against ancestors, and that NO financial reparations can heal such wounds. It MUST be reiterated that immigrants are OBLIGATED to learn the language of the nation in which they settle, and that for them to refuse while demanding the best in their new land makes them JUST AS RACIST as the citizens who reject them. Above all, the problem of illegal immigration REALLY begins in the immigrants’ native Third-World countries. The NUMBER ONE villains in the illegal immigration crisis are the THIRD-WORLD RULERS AND ELITES who are MOSTLY SELFISH, DON’T take care of their people, and DUMP THEM on the US and other advanced nations. It is time to STRONGLY PRESSURE Third-World leaders to tend to their people. THEY are the ones accountable for the welfare and progress of their countries. The US and other advanced nations simply CANNOT continue to be the dumping ground for the world’s disadvantaged. We ALREADY have TOO MANY poor of OUR OWN to worry about. In the meantime, illegal immigration CONTINUES to cause the standard of living to degenerate for ever MORE Americans.

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