Obviously the people in the U.S. making money out of all these are the ones to blame. If it bothers you that much, illegal immigrants coming in to the US and changing the way of life, then learn Spanish and go to Mexico and tell the prospective illegal immigrant what to do to have a good quality of life in Mexico and stay in Mexico instead of ruining your American way of life. Or maybe you can create a company that makes this possible funded with donations or tax-payers money. Some people talk about the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. Why don’t you quit your job go to the streets and ask fellow Americans to come and join you to go and do those jobs that other Americans don’t want to do? Go and talk to illegal immigrants ask them who hired them then go and see who hired them and offer yourself to do their job for less.

Go to the universities that do highly competitive research and you’ll find many cases of this. When you are involved in this highly competitive research and you are a professor, you need a competitive hard working research staff to produce results. In most of the cases not only you need an intelligent staff, but also personnel that are willing to work as much as they can. And who do you think these professors rather hire as post-docs, graduate students etc… They rather hire hard working foreigners, especially from countries like China or India (Well educated, but different way of life). I’ve heard many times high ranking researchers laugh out loud and say, “if let’s say for example “Chui-Lui” doesn’t finish this project fast, I’ll send him back to china” followed by laughter. Well laugh now, maybe win that Nobel Prize, abusing these foreign workers. Is there any guarantee that this knowledge will pay off for the U.S. . Is there any guarantee this knowledge will create jobs in the U.S. Would that technology in foreign hands be safe?. Most of the Research money comes from the tax-payers. The way of life here changes when you get a foreigner that brings a piece of their way of life to the U.S. I worked in a place that the working hours were usually from 8am to 6pm., they never had foreigners before but eventually they came; these foreigners constantly talked about the way of life in their country. The fear of going back makes them work from 6am to 11pm just to make sure they were keeping the boss happy. That changed my way of life. That changed that professor’s view on Americans as prospective employees. That changed my 6pm family meal, replaced by a quick drive or walk to McDonalds at 6pm eat my burger on the way back and keep working to try to compete against these foreigners. Before they came I was an exemplary worker always putting more time than what was required. They came and they killed my family dinner. I couldn’t be happy anymore on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, thinking that these foreigners might be at work producing more and more results. So on Monday the boss will compare my results against theirs and say, well somebody is working harder now. They brought me a piece of their way of life, I had to change my way of life to remain competitive and respected. But my boss, he had basically no choice in order for him to stay competitive he had to hire that way. The University didn’t have any choice to stay competitive; I don’t think America has much of a choice to stay competitive. Americans that wanted to work with him from now on better gave up their way of life or be called a mediocre or a Lazy American.

The term lazy American was heard more often from foreigners and High ranking faculty, directors etc… I remember one foreigner friend of mine saying, I got a job. He said that the employer told him, that it was because they had a Lazy American that was not very productive. Was the prospective employer in the hunt for a foreigner with fears of going back to his country?

These highly ranked people’s eyes (Americans the Majority for Now) shine when they get a resume of a hard working foreigner. These foreigners change the way of life here because they not only bring their skills with them. They also bring a piece of the way of life from their hometowns here to be implanted in the U.S.

Researchers sometimes just want that Nobel Prize. No matter who gets the expertise and where that expertise is going to end up. Many companies flourishing in China and India are making billions of dollars with technologies that were probably developed in the U.S. funded with U.S. tax-payers money. Is this good or bad? you judge. Maybe is better now because I can afford to have that XGZ product that was too expensive before. Maybe is better now because it created jobs in a poor country.

One day I heard a waiter (typical American) that receives big tips in a restaurant complaining about how many Chinese scientists he sees in the U.S. that were stealing secrets to be sent to china. That was not a true argument because not all foreigners are here to spy. I would say that any foreigner is as suspicious as any regular American. Why he doesn’t go and do the job of the Chinese scientist, Instead of pocketing those big tips in 5 hrs a day. Is there no talent in the U.S. to provide for that? What motivates those foreigners to come?, He’s probably making 5 times as a waiter working 5 hrs a day than those Chinese people who are working 80 hrs a week. There are not enough people with high IQ’s in the U.S. willing to work 80hrs a week for about $20K a year? Ok don’t do it. Give away that knowledge and the expertise.

Why are you going to pay $200,000 dollars to build a house, when you can probably do it for half of that and with the savings you can send your kids to college? After the Florida hurricanes of 2004 I saw illegal immigrants being interviewed on TV saying ”I know this is a terrible tragedy but it represents a great opportunity for us because we are going to make good money fixing the roofs”. An approximate estimate for one big company that subcontracts small companies estimated that they were going to make $500K in one month, one company that only employs about 20 people. While the subcontracting companies and the illegal immigrants were going to make the same amount all together (Around 250 workers). CEO’s and shareholders made good money out of this. What about your American Way of Life. Did it get better? Did you share a little piece of your American Way of Life with the illegal immigrants? I saw those illegal immigrants on TV fixing the roofs, while at the Supermarket, I saw Americans buying groceries with those Welfare Cards. I asked myself, Are those illegal immigrants slaves of those who hold those cards. Why don’t the healthy welfare card holders go and do that job and then Ok go back to Welfare. The salary earned by those illegal immigrants was quite low compared to what the big companies were making. Those big company leaders, managers, owners, shareholders etc… are the ones who are destroying your way of life? Go ask the illegal worker who hired you, go to the contractor and ask him who contracted you, then go to the big guys. Make this public. Say to Americans the names of who is destroying your way of life. You will probably have to invest a lot of time money and keep good track of who is doing all this, but if so many people complain about this, I don’t doubt that you’ll find the resources to make this possible.

I said at the beginning, obviously the people in the U.S. making money out of all these are the ones to blame. That’s capitalism, competition for everything. With the advances in communications and transportation, everything is global now. Wait until it is easier for other poor countries to get in. If you don’t help them now to be happy in their countries, start preparing welcome signs in all the languages you can think of. But if you help them too much, Can they get strong enough, smart enough and crazy enough to be a treat?

The immigrants inside the U.S., Can they get strong enough, smart enough to represent a treat?

In capitalism there are always going to be winners and losers, this time the winners are the ones making big money and the illegal immigrants.

The global economy is changing and moving very fast due to technological advances, there are always going to be winners and losers, if you are not smart enough and/or lucky enough to take advantage of this you are going to loose.

The world is in the middle of a big change, I think to keep that way of live that many Americans say they are loosing is very selfish, but I respect that, I think they have the right to work towards that, But I don’t think anyone has enough power or intelligence to achieve that. You have to fight against the individual greed of all humans in the world. Look at Iraq. One of the claims of the U.S. to start the war was to bring freedom to Iraq. Isn’t that a great thing to do? Let’s make them happy, let’s give them freedom. How many billions of dollars were spent in that country to give them freedom? After so many billions of U.S. dollars, are they free? What about Mexico. How many billions do Americans have to invest to keep prospective illegal immigrants in Mexico happy, so they don’t have to come and ruin the American way of life?

Many unfair trade agreements would have to be put on effect if you want your “American way of live” back and the problem is that putting these agreements into effect too soon will create more hate towards the U.S… This is a Catch-22 situation in the short term, probably many decades and maybe centuries to come.

No matter how you secure your borders there is always going to be a way to get in. Move all the military bases the U.S. has all over the world to the border of Mexico etc… They are going to find the way in, even if it’s jumping from parachutes, digging big tunnels etc…