Stressed Working Mom

And finally, here I am… At work, in front of my PC. There is a lot of silence. Everybody is somewhere doing something. But I’m looking through the window, looking for a good idea. How could I write my first column for BackWash? What could I say?

Anyway, what I really like is this peace. After having finished all my work, I hear nothing but the rain outside.

I like to feel the calm of these moments. Maybe because there are so few ones! At least in my life. Being married and with one son, when you are at work, sometimes you feel less tired and more “yourself” than at home, a place which can never have any order! Everything is a mess and sometimes you think your husband and son should visit the doctor. They do not hear correctly….

And this is one of the reasons why I enjoy talking to my PC, maybe because this is just my time, my moments. (Like VH1: “Your music, your moments”)


That’s how I disconnect from my “running” live. Could I treat this as my personal therapy? Maybe. If you are always running, going here and there, making this and that, be sure you should look for an activity which you can really enjoy. That’s the best way to disconnect from your problems and monotony. And when I use the word “disconnect”, I do not mean giving less importance to those problems, no. I’m just talking about making a break and concentrate in something different.

Well, to be honest, the only obstacle I have right now is finding the necessary time to make that “disconnection”!! Sometimes at the office, sometimes at home, after lunch, when my son is still at school…

But something I really like is teaching Spanish! Yesterday, it was a crazy day, as my husband and I where preparing our son’s disguise for this course’s Christmas celebration at school. We had problems with the wings of the disguise of angel, and I had a class (online) in few moments with one of my students (a good one, by the way!). Well, what really surprised me was the fact that when we finished that class, I felt so calm and peaceful…

Yes! Of course, on the other hand, my husband, well, you can imagine his state of mind, fighting with that angel’s wings and with our son.

Anyway, here I am, alive and kicking!

Please, e-mail me and tell me I’m not the only one in this situation… ok?