Same Sex Marriage/Why Whites Should Be Liberal

Same Sex Marriage/Why Whites Should Be Liberal

Fairly nice place, but the censorship thing pisses me off (you can’t bring certain magazines, books,and movies across the boarder, most of which are sexual..extreme bdsm…well either that or pro nazi). Although the frech part allows you to write watch or say whatever you want (visit montreal if you can) its the freakin british part you should avoid. They are more divided than the states I swear. Canada is like what would happen if the democrat party split in two. The french part got all the good things about liberals, the british area….its better to learn french.

What same gender marriage has done to Scandinavian countries is a great example. Fewer and fewer people get married at all. The family has fractured.

In those countries, Marriage really means very little to anyone anymore. The only people who have gained are those whose degraded behavior no longer has any negative connotation to the populace. Do anything, anytime.

By associating marriage with behavior such as gay sex, it has diluted its meaning to the point people wonder why they should get married at all when it means so little.

The Netherlands has lost the moral compass and now allows drugs and prostitution on ever corner. Gay behavior is no longer viewed for what it is. Self degrading, medically dangerous, disease spreading life shortening activity.

Canada is right behind the liberal disease.

Arizona will have a chance to keep this behavior from being criteria for marriage. Isn’t it time you stood up and did the right thing at the polls when the vote happens?

Keep rationality in marriage and our biological children safe from the pitfalls of allowing a sexual free for all, and the lowering of all standards here.