| U.S. Hispanic Population Soars

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This we know (Score:1)
By Arizdad on Wednesday June 8, 2005 at 9:17 pm MST (#62948)

What is not understood by most is what is behind this explosion in the hispanic population.

Here is some help Burrito Garrido if you click this link it should take you right to the story.

The real reason is hard to hammer down because there are so many that are behind it. MeCHa which is the collegiate branch of the movement quote a hero of theirs which is Fidel Castro of Cuba. Another that is a warrior of the Atzlan movement which is Armando Navarro from the University of California at Riverside. This Mexican’t Warrior has been behind many movements that have worked against America. Not only does he use his position as a teacher of Hispanic studies to attempt to brainwash our youth he has worked since 1964 to take over the American Southwest for his cause (ATZLAN). Where they feel that the big bad Americans to the North stole this land from the mexican people and they are hell bent on taking it back. They are able to take advantage of the illiterate Mexican people in convincing them that we have taken this land from them. Not only did we take this unclaimed land from them in battle, we later paid them for it at the table of the Hidalgo Treaty. This plan has worked very well up until now. Now we are all aware of it and we will take this land back once again.

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Sniff Sniff…Ya’ll Smell That!? (Score:1)
By Amexica on Wednesday June 8, 2005 at 11:10 pm MST (#62964)

Now if this Article Doesn’t convince Ya’ll � nutin’ will!!!


Welcome To AmeXica…An Issue of TIME (2001) [Literally/Probability/Inevitability!?]

All those here in self-proclaimed genius posting the bitchin’ an da whinin’ over (so called “Illegal”) Immigration can finally lean back with crossed arms and Face your Ignorance towards the REALITY of change is constant!!! I’ve seen preteens with more sense compared to the minorities of the DUMB MASSES posting here!

Again, if this article doesn’t offer the obvious and help ya’ll, well, perhaps this might…

Did ya’ll happen to hear Rev. Jesse Jackson da utter nite!? Went sumptin wike dis…

“Jesus didn’t speak English and the Ten Commandments wasn’t chiseled in English so stop treating English as if it’s some how a Holy Language, teach your children Spanish, learn Spanish!”

He, by the way, isn’t the only one, so…Get a Damned Clue at longlast and stop the looniest of all views towards EVOLUTION!!!

Let’s face it…”The Good Book”, you know the title, but did you know that title, it actually stands for…