Welcome to The Ojibwas District. The Ojibwas District serves the Lansing School District (south of Michigan Ave. only), East Lansing, Mason, Dansville, Leslie, Stockbridge, Okemos and Haslett.

Map of Ojibwas DistrictThe Ojibwas were the largest and most powerful of the Great Lakes tribes. The name has no standard spelling. The Ojibwas and Chippewa are not only the same tribe, but the same word pronounced a little differently due to accent. If an “O” is placed in front of Chippewa (O’chippewa), the similarity can be heard. The heartland of the Ojibwas is around Sault Ste. Marie. Since most Ojibwas live in the northern Great Lakes with a short growing season and poor soil. They were hunter-gatherers who harvested wild rice and maple sugar. They had no salt to preserve food and generally mixed their food with maple syrup as seasoning. They were skilled hunters and trappers. Fishing, especially for sturgeon, was also an important source of food.

District News

District Roundtable Information
District roundtable training meetings are usually on the second Thursday of the month at 7 PM. The Ojibwas district meeting location is Chippewa Middle School, 4000 Okemos Road, Okemos near the intersection of Kinawa Drive and Okemos Road. Flyer General Inormation

District Calendar (as shown in Signals newsletter)

April 2008

3 District Commissioner, District Committee Meeting
10 Cub Scout, Boy Scout Leader’s Roundtable
17 Spring Popcorn final orders due
19 Scouting for Food Service Project
25-27 Training weekend Outdoor Leadership Skills, Webelos Outdoor, and BALOO

May 2008

1 District Commissioner, District Committee Annual Meeting
3 Cub Scout and Boy Scout Pushcar race at Spartan Speedway
2-4 EAGER BEAVER work day at Northwoods Scout Reservation
8 Cub Scout, Boy Scout Leader’s Roundtable
10 WEBELOS WOODS at Camp Kiwanis
23-25 HOLIDAY FAMILY CAMP opportunity at Northwoods Scout Reservation

District events that are Council-wide are also shown on Council Calendar