NHLDEC Request to halt publishing anti Hispanic labels and text

The trouble with racism is that racists of EVERY stripe are QUICK to point out the weeds in EVERY racial and ethnic group EXCEPT their OWN. Senor Garrido and his cohorts carp incessantly about anti-Hispanic terms such as “whorista,” “cochroach,” and “spic,” but they don’t seem to mind referring to non-Hispanics as “bendejos,” “gringos,” “blancos,” or whatever. Plus, I have heard racist Hispanics denigrate blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and others with Spanish terms used for each particular group. Worse, racist Hispanics will even attack their OWN fellow Hispanics who DON’T agree with their biased view of non-Hispanics. The Puerto Rican Catholic priest who learned English from me eight years ago and his Mexican fellow priest and friend are BITTERLY DENOUNCED as TRAITORS to their culture because they WON’T go along with Hispanic racism. The priests suffer MUCH for befriending ALL, Hispanic AND non-Hispanic ALIKE, for pointing out HISPANIC as well as non-Hispanic racism when necessary, for insisting that immigrants are OBLIGATED to learn English, and for upholding OUR laws. My mother, whose family descends from several nations and two races, told me long ago that “racism comes in ALL colors.” The ONLY right way to oppose racism, Mom said, is to oppose ALL stripes of it–INCLUDING the weeds in one’s OWN ethnic back yard. Which folks like Senor Garrido and his kind seem UNABLE to do, or, MORE likely, DON’T WANT to do!

Take a look at his web-resume, folks. This guy is so full of himself he dare not trip. And so easy a mark t’would send a muck-raker silly with delight.

If someone started seriously digging into Garrido’s business dealings and ventures I do very much believe the results would make Fife Symington look like a sainted boyscout.

What does the cc in Hispanic.cc stand for? CaCa?

I was once told that “sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you.” What a pompus, overbearing, sniviling, sissy snitch, commie, pinko, facist ass you are – jon-jon. This is a free country and all of us including you have rights under the First Admendment, especially freedom of speech. And, as my Dad once told me, “if the shoe fits wear it.” I presume you are bare foot.

It would seem that jon(john?) should practice what he allegedly preaches. However, those that scream and threaten the loudest have la raza, la mecha, mexican government, illegal aliens, and the anti-discriminatory aclu to assist them. Ah, nothing more than true socialism at work to destroy that which is prized most: the U.S. Constitution.

Ok, jon jon, I will play your silly game. Starting today I will not patronise any business(markets, restaurants, etc.) that panders to illegal aliens or individuals like you and lulac. If the rest of Arizona does the same, you will soon be out of business.

By the way, I am not politically correct. I come from the Arizona of 50 years ago when it was a great state not overrun with illegals and california rejects. Snort on that.