Maison Descartes – THEMATIC COURSES – SEPTEMBER 2009

This course is meant for people who wish to learn French in order to deal with professional situations and to be able to prepare themselves to become rapidly autonomous in French. The course does not aim at a particular profession or field of action, but covers a large range of vocabulary common to the whole professional area. The objective at the end of the course is to be able to communicate in different situations one might face at work (talk on the phone, undergo administrative steps to get a document, make a reservation for a hotel room, write or answer to an email…).

1 X 1,5 hour per week wednesday 7.45pm-9.15pm 16 sep – 13 jan

A2-1 and over : French for european and international relations – Adrien Scharff

48 hours 590€ / 540€*

This course appeals to any person lead to deal with European or international files in a professional frame: journalists, diplomats, civil servants…
Beginners or ‘nearly-beginners’, you will quickly learn to communicate in a lively and up-to-date French, immediately usable in a professional and concrete context.
This course will prepare you for formal discussions as well as for informal exchanges with your work relations. It leads to a command of the A2 level, required for the examinations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a presentation of the level B1.

1 X 3 heures par semayne saturday 9.30am – 12.45pm 19 sep – 13 feb

A2-1 and A2-2 or B1 and B2-1: French for non-governmental organizations – Shirley Heuveling

24 hours 340 / 305*

This course is meant for members of NGO who need French in the frame of their professional activities or for their professional travels. The course is organized around several objectives:
• Communicational (ex: present one’s organization, written and oral communication-emayls and telephone, express one’s opinion, prepare a travel)
• Cultural (ex: particularities of the French as it is spoken in Africa, news from the French speaking countries, international institutions) through the study of authentic documents.
These objectives are defined in order to answer learners’ specific needs and facilitate their exchanges with French-speakers.

The course content will be determined regarding the learners’ requests and fields of action, but also according to the countries where they will deal with.

A2-1/A2-2 1 X 3 heures par semayne tuesday 6pm- 9.15pm 15 sep – 3 nov
B1-B2-1 1 X 3 heures par semayne thursday 6pm- 9.15pm 17 sep – 5 nov

A2-2 : Ateliers d’expression orale – Emmanuelle Favreau – NEW !

12 hours 180 / 170*

It’s the tone that makes the music” . This workshop is for people who wish to speak French in a more spontaneous, vivid and passionate way. Working on puns, tongue-twisters, poems, sketches, you will see your intonation, diction and fluency improve.

1 X 1,5 hour per week tuesday 7.45pm – 9.15pm 15 sep- 3 nov