Signals Notification

Signals and Scouting Updates E-mail Notification Subscription

Sign up here to receive immediate e-mail notification when the Signals Newsletter is available on the Chief Okemos Website. When you receive this e-mail it will contain a link to the latest issues of signals which will only be a click away. Signals is posted as a PDF file so you need the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

We encourage all Scouters to sign up for Signals on the Web as this will save the Council considerable money for printing and postage money which will then be freed up to be used for other important needs in direct support of the scouting program. All you need to do if fill in the following information including your e-mail address and submit your request. You will be automatically added to the subscription for future e-mail notifications.

This e-mail distribution list will also be used to provide you important updates on other important Scouting news and schedule changes that may take place after Signals is issued. Using this system the Council will be able to do a better job of keeping the scouting community better informed and get news out faster than ever before.

You may remove your name from the automated subscription list at any time by returning to this page type in you e-mail address at which you have been receiving your notifications and the system will automatically remove you name from the list.