Green Chile Anyone? Mexicans & Friendship a Labor of Love

The news has had alot to show about the demonstations regarding those who have crossed the border of the USA illegally. Now I am not a proponet of letting everyone in. Our nation simply cannot take all the worlds masses. I know many nations would not want to come here anyway. For the most part, […]

Stressed Working Mom

And finally, here I am… At work, in front of my PC. There is a lot of silence. Everybody is somewhere doing something. But I’m looking through the window, looking for a good idea. How could I write my first column for BackWash? What could I say? Anyway, what I really like is this peace. […]

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La Voz de Aztlan La Voz de Aztlan (The Voice of Aztlan) publishes news, commentaries, opinions, editorials, news research, news analyses and scholarly writings on La Raza or Mexicans or other Latinos. The U.S. Commercial Service Mexico promotes the export of U.S. goods and services and protects U.S. business interests in this large […] | U.S. Hispanic Population Soars

The following comments are owned solely by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for their content in any way. This we know (Score:1) By Arizdad on Wednesday June 8, 2005 at 9:17 pm MST (#62948) What is not understood by most is what is behind this explosion in the hispanic population. Here is some […]

Backwash – Content – Pimps Up, Ho’s Down

Almodovar Dig if u will the picture (Of u and I engaged in a kiss?) No silly, I ain’t no scrawny black guy…no, of a college freshman, walking into an empty commons room, ecstatic that those Melrose watching chickens are gone for once, and spotting a video on top of the TV, and then seeing […]

Confused Ecumenical Offspring

At the beginning of a new year, many people begin to consider losing weight, finding a new/better job, working on a relationship, renovating homes or improving their minds through education. I have long believed that it is impossible to have too much education and I am interested in a course of study this year. Study […]

Latin Examination — Essay on Latin Roots vs. Latin Language

Learning the Latin language can have its advantages, but I’m not so sure that it endows students with all the rewards and benefits that everyone says it does. Nor am I convinced that most of the supposed benefits of learning the Latin language can’t be learned elsewhere or by other methods. First off, learning the […]

Simple But, Nice Methods To learn To Communicate Spanish

Everybody wishes to learn Spanish quick and bother-free lately, and I am sure you need that as well.The similar goes for me, whether it is achievable then I’m all for it.I have discovered the perfect ways for us to learn Spanish fast and easily.You can do it but without having to purchase books or taking […]

Work in Ecuador near the rainforest!

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America yet it has an enormous biodiversity. Many people believe it is one of the easiest and most pleasant countries to travel in. The Andes form the backbone of the country whose borders are Colombia to the north, Peru on the south and east and the […]


Obviously the people in the U.S. making money out of all these are the ones to blame. If it bothers you that much, illegal immigrants coming in to the US and changing the way of life, then learn Spanish and go to Mexico and tell the prospective illegal immigrant what to do to have a […]

Hispanic protest

Hispanic protest

I said I am a single mom of 3{working single mom.}But I have my pride and I leave the welfare to those Americans who are to dam lazy to get a damn job and they know that they dont have to work because they are elegible for everything under the sun.I agree with making our […]