Ben Lomas – The Un-Civil Servant —

Submitted by Melbourne Theatre — last modified 2008-04-20 13:34 Win a double-pass to Ben Lomas’ show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival on Friday 21st March at 7:30pm. Since his debut in 2004, Ben Lomas is one of Melbourne’s fastest rising comedy stars. From his first run of shows in Amsterdam, to MC and support work […]

Debating the Great Bagel Debate | Vibewire 3.0

I have been living in Montreal for nine days. Whenever you travel somewhere new, people are forever giving you advice on things to do and see, eat, drink, visit, stay and people to meet. A friend from home, in Australia, is from Montreal. He has only one request. He wants my opinion on the Great […]

Maison Descartes – THEMATIC COURSES – SEPTEMBER 2009

This course is meant for people who wish to learn French in order to deal with professional situations and to be able to prepare themselves to become rapidly autonomous in French. The course does not aim at a particular profession or field of action, but covers a large range of vocabulary common to the whole […]

Maison Descartes, Amsterdam : Frans leren, cursussen Frans, learn French, French courses, French lessons

La Maison Descartes fait partie du réseau des 150 centres culturels français à l’étranger. Centre d’apprentissage du français reconnu internationalement depuis 1933, l’Institut Français des Pays-Bas – Maison Descartes accueille au coeur d’Amsterdam chaque année plus de 1300 étudiants. La grande diversité des cours proposés s’efforce de répondre aux besoins de chacun. Des méthodes d’apprentissage […]

Seychelles Education | My DeltaQuest – Your Online Investment Business Community

Compared to school systems worldwide, Seychelles schools and further education institutions are well staffed, Seychelles primary schools pupil to teacher ratios (2007) equaled 12:1, 13:1 in secondary and 10:1 in post secondary institutions. Based on the Ministry of Education statistics of 1985 to 2003, there have been relatively small fluctuations in these ratios over the […]

Same Sex Marriage/Why Whites Should Be Liberal

Same Sex Marriage/Why Whites Should Be Liberal

Fairly nice place, but the censorship thing pisses me off (you can’t bring certain magazines, books,and movies across the boarder, most of which are sexual..extreme bdsm…well either that or pro nazi). Although the frech part allows you to write watch or say whatever you want (visit montreal if you can) its the freakin british part […]