Whose Country Is It Anyway? Ripped Off In Broad Daylight

On the left, we have Comrade Treason, noted for giving aid and comfort to the enemy – in exchange for what? A guarantee, by foreign interests, of becoming President so he could smoothly deliver the United States into their hands? On the right we have the Globalist Country Boy, using our nation’s strength to please […]

NHLDEC Request to halt publishing anti Hispanic labels and text

The trouble with racism is that racists of EVERY stripe are QUICK to point out the weeds in EVERY racial and ethnic group EXCEPT their OWN. Senor Garrido and his cohorts carp incessantly about anti-Hispanic terms such as “whorista,” “cochroach,” and “spic,” but they don’t seem to mind referring to non-Hispanics as “bendejos,” “gringos,” “blancos,” […]

David Stoddard needs to get a clue

AUDIO: WND’s Jerome R. Corsi: Hoffa Admitted To Me That Bush is Working on North America Union (5) Gheen: US Senate Will Push For Nightmare Amnesty Dream Act on Monday – Here’s What You Need to Know (5) AUDIO: Rev Peterson: Illegal Hispanics Hunting Blacks, Stealing Social Services & Devastating Cities (9) Stoddard: El Paso […]