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Wondering how that speech you’re writing sounds? Using text-to-speech (TTS) software, you can have your computer read it to you. TTS converts words from any electronic document into audible speech. Several vendors make TTS applications that let you listen to documents, e-mail, and Web pages from the comfort of your PC. TTS offers a variety […]

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There is nothing wrong with change as long as it is done in the light of reason, but it seems unreasonable to cram yet more people into a little island the size of Britain that already has more than sixty million people. Bullshit. There’s plenty of space. Thing is that immigrants are getting placed in […]

Rackham Student Government (RSG) Events Calendar: September, 2001 – The Monroe Street Journal – Student Life

A monthly newsletter detailing events and opportunities for Graduate Students within the campus community. To include an event please e-mail *****TABLE OF CONTENTS**** A. MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Info about Red Cross Donations B. GRAD STUDENT BBQ & SOCIAL KICK-OFF: Sat., 9/22, 4-7 PM, **FREE** C. RACKHAM OFFICES HAVE MOVED. D. SOCIAL EVENTS: 0. Graduate […]

The Ride

It’d been a year since I decided to reboot my life and move back to the city where I was raised. My business had failed and my so-called wife had me thrown in jail on a trumped up charge. Meanwhile, she took a three-day liberty to clean out our bank accounts and possessions and hightail […]

Backwash – Content – Blue George To The Sun

Que pasa mi pana? Yo estoy bien. Ive got to say before i even start that Shakira rox (despite what certain other people think (ill be nice and not mention names)). She does not think that she invented hip shakin (she just simply owns her body that well) and as for the Christina Aguilera winnin […]

Backwash – Content – A Case of Mental Intervention

It’s a given. California is deposing the King of the junk bonds. I say this simply because it is now certified that Governor Gray Davis is going to face a recall, and will be removed. No ifs, ands, or buts about that one. Now, California, according to Standard and Poor’s has a junk bond credit […]

Deliberately random thoughts: December 2003

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS GOING TO BE A SERIOUS AND LONG RANT…DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU’RE ALREADY HAVING AN ENRAGING DAY… a few days ago, a friend of mine forwarded an email to me from a woman who was outraged about an article reporting that the university of chicago was discussing w/ their GLBT community the […]

Fmf-social: Re: Esperanto anyone???

Hi…my name is Lance Fallin….I bought the book “The Millennial Project” about a year or so ago……I’ve been so busy that I still haven’t finished it yet. I got in touch with the author about a year ago when I was still living in Arizona…and I didn’t have a computor then….anyway…getting to the point here…I […]

Achieve BC | Career Planning Tool

Working Conditions Workers in these occupations work in factories and large workshops. Hours of work are usually a standard 35 to 40 hour work week. Some after-hours or weekend work may be required, or may be chosen by workers being paid on a piece-work basis. Shops are often noisy and dusty, and machine operators may […]

The Monroe Street Journal

The Monroe Street Journal – Community Issue: 9/27/04 Working to Learn and Learning to Work By Elizabeth Balten, BBA2 Before most of my peers had even departed for their 10-week summer internships on Wall Street, I found myself headed in quite the opposite direction, literally and figuratively: due west to work as a Domestic Corps […]

Independent Gay Forum – Multiculturalism Subverts Human Rights

That’s not my experience. In fact, during the four years I lived in the UK, those of liberal tendencies had such a hard time finding liberal Muslim voices from within the UK that they had to import foreign Muslims like Irshad Manji to take on the hard-liners in the UK. Most British “liberal” or “moderate” […]

Fmf-social: Re: Esperanto anyone???

> So, now, I don’t know what I think. It’s an totally ideal goal, > but it seems like the choice of language has become a religious > argument. Most of the FMF now are English speakers, but that won’t > last. How we communicate will become a very important social issue. > If we […]

Backwash – Content – Afro-Euro-Asian Zen-Taoist Shaman

“Writing is a habit, an addiction, as powerful and overmastering an urge as putting a bottle to you lips or a spike in your arm.” T. Coraghessan Boyle I’ve always been a Storyteller. Through countless beers in countless bars and countless kegs at countless parties, I have regaled all, friend, foe, or stranger with wild […]

World Internet Summit SMASHED

I am VERY sorry to hear you will not be comming Pearson as IT would have been nice to have had a long chat with YOU. You said in one of your other posts “that other then the guy from Singapore, it was unlikely that anyone would want your Learning English cd’s” or something on […]