Judge Orders Arizonans to Pay 200 Million MORE for English Instruction.

Judge Orders Arizonans to Pay 200 Million MORE for English Instruction.

That is such a sorry reply……get a clue, we do not have to and will not pay for some person who came here in an illegal manner in the first place and then they refuse to learn the language spoken in this country on top of their first criminal act…race has nothing to do with it until some fool like you has to blame it on that….I suppose you think because we are tired of seeing our tax money and bond issue money go down the drain that we are all supposedly racists…that is the same lame ass speech we hear from Ben Miranda, Pete Rios, Bill Brotherton and Raoul Grijalva…grow up and get a life…we speak English in America…you want to speak spanish or have government kiss your ass in spanish then go back to Mexico or whatever country you came from…..

“…you want to speak spanish or have government kiss your ass in spanish then go back to Mexico or whatever country you came from…..”

Take it easy man. I’m from America, business owner, college-educated family man. Many folks that get SO upset over this issue are simply afraid of competition. If you have the skills, you will always be employed. As far as the taxpayer costs are concerned, yes it is a lot of money but it is money spent educating people to “our” ways. That is a good thing. Billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted in pork here and abroad; something that allows people to more easily communicate with each other is a reasonable expense.

Communication = progress = business = prosperity

I guess after you go to enough funerals for friends that have died in the line of duty, killed by illegals, when you have spent your shifts patrolling the border, seeing the carnage, the tradgedy, the stupidity..when you see the end result of some stupid illegal that made a tragic mistake and failed to see that the border was located in a desert that routinely gets up to and over 120 degrees, when you see them dead in the desert, it is sad, but not the fault or the responsibility of Americans. When they refuse to learn and continue to speak in spanish after we waste millions on their education (because Mama and Papa don’t want to learn English so the kids have to speak it at home) When you experience the crime first hand (breakins, theft, property damage, burglary) it makes you wonder why it is that the laws on the books (supported by over 86% of Americans) concerning business owners that hire illegal immigrants, laws that prohibit assisting illegal immigrants by giving them housing, employment, taxpayer based services and more, why is it that no employers are spending time in jail for felonies ?, why is it that I pay for the hospital bills for these illegal immigrants when they skip out on their responsibilities ?

I see a steady stream of employers, contractors, even the Cities of Phoenix and Mesa with their “immigration enforcement” free work centers hiring illegal immigrants, these are the only people seeing prosperity, all the while still charging the same rate for the goods and services they offer as if they were paying Americans to do the jobs…..

My son recently came home from the Army…1st Armored Division, He was looking for work, just something to get him by til school started…He was told when trying to get a job at a popular eatery, that if he did not speak spanish, they could not hire him…..the owner bragged that the illegal immigrants worked for below minimum wage and took their instructions in spanish…The owner told my son to go collect his unemployment ..that is what I see as a slap in the face to Americans and especially to a young man who served his country for the last three years….

If thats what you call progress and prosperity then I would seriously hesitate doing business with you…

Billions are wasted on the corrupt government of Mexico and billions are sent back across the borders via Western Union, No I will fight bilingual education and I will fight Illegal Immigration til my last breath….I will also not spend one dime from any business that knowingly hires illegals over Americans…