Fmf-social: Re: Esperanto anyone???

> So, now, I don’t know what I think. It’s an totally ideal goal,
> but it seems like the choice of language has become a religious
> argument. Most of the FMF now are English speakers, but that won’t
> last. How we communicate will become a very important social issue.
> If we make our new members learn English to be part of us will
> definatly put them at a disadvantage.

That is true. I feel strongly about these issues but I will try and
tempor my “Religious Ferver” :-)

> Maybe we should make up our own? Maybe we should study very
> dispasionately and pick one?

We could make up our own, but it is a very difficult thing to do, and also
very difficult to make a good one. Esperanto has had 100 years, and has
proven successful. Logban has had 40(?) years, and has undergone revisions,
but I understand from what I read on the Logban page is now frozen at a

To be honest, I would be really happy to see the FMF support one of the
“Artificial Languages” in some way, maybe in principle for now, and perhaps
as an official language for legal documents, or commerce, or whatever if
enough people could be convinced to learn whatever language is chosen.
Esperanto and Logban are both very easy to learn (There is a logban mini-lesson
and Logban textbook, dictionary, etc.. online I learned last night when I
went to look).

The biggest point in favor of Esperanto is that it has proven successful, with
about 2 million speakers.

I’m not sure what is the “biggest” point in favor of Logban, but one of them
is the fact that it is deliberately designed to be easy for everyone to learn,
and specifically not easier for native speakers of Latin languages than other