Fmf-social: Re: Esperanto anyone???

Hi…my name is Lance Fallin….I bought the book “The Millennial
Project” about a year or so ago……I’ve been so busy that I still
haven’t finished it yet. I got in touch with the author about a
year ago when I was still living in Arizona…and I didn’t have a
computor then….anyway…getting to the point here…I would
propose that the Foundation use Esperanto as it’s second “Lingua
Franca” and the reason for this is that there are only 2 million
speakers of Esperanto worldwide…BUT….it is in almost every
country…with it’s founding and spreading primarily in Europe but
now it is really spreading fast in the Asian Countries simply
because it is easier for them to learn Esperanto than it is for
them to learn English… and this is all because Doctor Zamenhof
designed this language to be simple….he put this all together
about a hundred years ago… so it has only taken 100 years to
become an International language. Now …we all know that English
has a big following all over the planet…but I believe that
adopting this language as a second language will show the
international community the Foundation’s will to truly communicate
on equal terms…for if you grew up with English as a first
language…and then you communicate with someone where English is
their second language…you then have the unfair advantage over the
other person…that is just one of the things I wish to throw out
there…also I think that there should be a committee to translate
the Foundation’s literature into the major languages like German
French Spanish Russian etc. oh yeah chinese too…but NOT from
ME…hehehe…that is a most difficult language for me to handle I
personally would be willing to offer my knowledge of Spanish and
Esperanto to be put to some good use in translating the
Foundation’s materials…if desired…but I can’t stress enough to
you about the ease of learning and the convenience and the
international friends we would all add to our “force” in promoting
this wonderful plan to colonize the galaxy.

I didn’t quite know how to break this up, so it all got included.
Little do you know that you have stepped into an interest of mine, and
a subject that has often been discussed (or at least that had a long
thread) on fmf-social.

I really don’t want to start a “which language is better” flame war;
however, I favor Lojban over Esperanto as a lingua franca for the
Millennial Foundation, for several reasons.

1) It is truly international, where as Esperanto is distinctly
oriented towards Western European cultures. Words in Lojban were
selected to be cognates (as much as possible) with languages according
to the actual numbers of speakers of those languages. Thus, Chinese
was first with Lojban, but not even considered with Esperanto.

2) Lojban is culturally neutral. This means there are explicit parts
in the language for conveying punctuation, emotions attached to
different parts of a sentence, and attitudes. Even in a shared
language, people from different cultures often misunderstand each
other due to differences in the meanings ascribed to word emphasis and
ordering. Lojban makes these things explicit.

3) There is a computer parsable grammar for Lojban, and its morphology
allows it to be unambiguously separated into words by computer
algorithm. Computer communications are going to be a big part of the
Millennial future, and I believe that Lojban is better suited for it.

4) The Millennial project will undoubtedly have to evolve its own
vocabulary, or “jargon”, no matter what language it uses. Lojban has
a fairly straightforward mechanism for doing just this, in the form of
words made up of parts of standard words. This is similar to the
German habit of just stringing words together, but more parsimonious.
Such usages give new people a good chance of understanding jargon
terms because of the rules of putting them together.

Lojban has just frozen the language baseline. A link may be found
through my web page below, under the “future of mankind” link, for
those who are interested.

Dave Barton <*> )0(