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There is nothing wrong with change as long as it is done in the light of reason, but it seems unreasonable to cram yet more people into a little island the size of Britain that already has more than sixty million people.
Bullshit. There’s plenty of space.
Thing is that immigrants are getting placed in already crowded and pretty populaced places. There ghettos get created, and then the problems begin, when they don’t need to learn English to get by as they can do their buisnesses in the area in their native language.
Some say they support each other and feel less alienated and threatened when placed in the same area, though that support can still exist without there being 29 foreign families in a single living complex, and only one Johnson family (or whatever you prefer to call them).
Basically immigrants, when they get accomdation provided for them, should be spread out. Not so they don’t know of each others existance, but enough for them to create relations with their surroundings.
Basically what I am trying to say is that if people didn’t expand the already big areas, and maybe provided smaller towns new experiences with immigrants, it wouldn’t feel as crowded and crammed as you say.
But fact is, that there is space. That be immigrants or a baby-boom created by BNP voters.

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There is truth in what you say, but this is only a temporary measure, when the countries concerned have full membership status then you will see the incoming flood, and nobody will be able to stop it.

At the same time, we will move there. You might think of it as unlikely. But for example my tacher’s son holds an Economics degree. He got a job in Estonia… There he fast adavanced to the financial director of the company he works for. Got to get prestigious titles in trade organisations. Has a car, hourse etc… Living the high life, for the amount of money where he here would barely have for a small apartment.
It goes both ways.

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I grew up in sussex, I went back there about ten years ago could hardly recognise the place, it had become just an urban sprawl with little ticky tacky box homes everywhere. I recently met someone else who had just left the place, it is apparently a lot more crowded now then it was ten yrs ago. To me the UK is a dead place poluted with people.

And to me the UK (mostly London though )is a place of dynamics, challenge and adventure. At this point in life, my biggest dream is to get accepted to an English university, and be able to experience the English multi-cultural society closely.