David Stoddard needs to get a clue

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Re:David Stoddard needs to get a clue (Score:1)
By wealthquest on Wednesday May 3, 2006 at 5:28 pm MDT (#128897)

Answer to comment #1: Not necessarily true. Many U.S. citizens are without jobs. Many with criminal records can’t get jobs. They still have to eat. Many people can work at such jobs and get a subsidy to help them get by as opposed to paying them 100% welfare. You have teenagers and retired people who will also accept less wages to augment their income. In my opinion, employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens are committing a serious offense against their neighbors just to make a few easy bucks. I think it should be a felony to hire an illegal alien.

I would rather pay $5 dollars for an ear of corn, then ten thousand dollars for an emergency room visit and the cost to pay for free health benefits to illegals. I fear that if I am having a heart attack, I may have to wait behind an illegal using the loopholes in our laws to get a sore throat treated at an ER.

Answer to comment #2: Yes, they should leave. I do not personally believe that citizenship should be based on the physical location of the birth, but the citizenship/legal residency of the parents. If both parents are illegal aliens, then any child born inside the US should be considered equally an illegal alien. The people of the United States should rise up and pass a constitutional amendment defining citizenship. Children of US parents who are board abroad are considered US citizens, why should the child not be considered the same nationality of their parents?

Answer to comment #3: Most illegal aliens do not pay their fair share in taxes that even begin to cover the cost in health care, education, crime, etc.

Answer to comment #4: That goes for most of US, but there were people rejected. You have to follow the rules. I have traveled all over the world. I’ve been to Africa. I have seen the lines at the U.S. embassies stretch around the building. Many of these folks waited months just to get an appointment. Most are denied. Those that do come have assets, they have a plan, they are not going to be a dependent on their neighbors from day one. They have job skills in demand. They follow all the criminal background checks, all the tons of red tape, pay all the application fees, and wait their turn. It is not fair to LEGAL immigrants from other places to be put through such scrutiny when one country on our southern border can continue to defy our laws and evade the process everyone else must go through. Most egregious is that when they do manage to sneak into the United States, then they demand rights and benefits. Ludicrous.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll be accused of being a racist for exercising my first amendment rights. But as the old saying goes, if you point the finger – you get three pointed right back at ya. Look at Mexico how they treat THEIR immigrants! Illegal immigrants are criminals in Mexico, and they have no rights. Even legal immigrants cannot own oceanfront property, protest, vote in elections, fly their own flag, obtain public assistance, etc etc etc. Folks have a lot of nerve to come here demanding we treat immigrants better when in their own country, other nations immigrants are treated so poorly. Who is the real racist here? I love my country, this is my home, I’ll stay here even if the stock market crashes and our economy goes down to nothing. I’ll work to fix the problems inside my nation instead of fleeing to go someplace better. I like the Mexican people, but I do not like their government and wish the people their would make Mexico better instead of blaming the US for all their problems. Canada doesn’t seem to have these kinds of problems.

Oh, I am of German ancestry. Many generations ago, when my great great great grandparents came to the US, they had to learn English. I am so far away from being German, if there where millions of Germans entering the US, I’d feel exactly the same way. its not about race – its all about commonality and being one people, obeying the law, waiting your turn, paying your dues, making a contribution, giving not taking, and blending in.

E Pluribus Unum Out of Many – ONE. The motto of the United States.