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Que pasa mi pana? Yo estoy bien. Ive got to say before i even start that Shakira rox (despite what certain other people think (ill be nice and not mention names)). She does not think that she invented hip shakin (she just simply owns her body that well) and as for the Christina Aguilera winnin the latin grammy (i love Chrissy but) she didnt deserve it. She had to learn her music phonetically (like enunciating word for word, thats not real spanish). Shakira is the real deal. She didnt learn her english songs by enunciation and phonetics she actually learned English. If u have ever seen someone try to learn English when they already have a native language u ll see that english is a biznotch to learn (much props to Shakira). Granted her English is not perfect but if u ask me its pretty darn good. Plus Shakira has got 3 languages shes learned (compared to how many from the army brat). She wrote her 1st song at age 8 and had her 1st record deal at 13. She has somethin like 5 albums out (all great quality) and a Grammy and 2 Latin Grammys (beat that mouseketeers). Shakira is so pretty (worth every penny, nickel, dime,dollar, whatever-u-got lookin at) as well and her vocal style is so unique.She is truly an all around artist (not just performer) who sings, writes, dances, produces her own music the list goes on. Ive been watchin her since before the crossover and with her what u get is what u see, shes so genuine.

I did not wanna put down Chrissy in any way (cuz she also rox) but uve got to realize that its not about competition, theres enuff to go around. Shakira and Christina Aguilera both rock my world.

My caricature is more than likely goin to be a take on Zorro (with my cute lil froggy (u r so cute oh yes u r)). My only problem now now is that i wanna name the froggy. Please give me suggestions under “my frog” message board. The five best answers will go in a new poll and the most popular name on the poll will be the name of my froggy (yipee).

Well im sorry i had to stoop so low today (and im sorry that u had to see me like this) but i guess im done ventin (no hard feelins (hopefully (crosses fingers)))

Hasta la semana que viene, yo soy

Adiem, (El Zorro Nuevo (tee hee)) /- (thats an A i engraved in my column (pretty neat huh?) (goodness, im such a dork, oh well))

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Pink Floyd- The Wall
Average Rating — 4.00
Ahh I just saw this for the 1st time last saturday night its such a great movie (my only regret is not havin seen it sooner) This guy Bret somethin or another gives us his interpretation of the movie
Date Posted: December 07, 2001 11:47
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Zorro-history and collectibles
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U can never get enuff swashucklin swordfights and romance
Date Posted: December 07, 2001 11:47
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Shakira Rox
Average Rating — N/A
sorry,I couldnt link to anything specific (and i had to put this in to prove my point) but once ur in the main page click on her bio and ull find out about all the stuff that i told u about in my column
Date Posted: December 07, 2001 11:47
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Nikka Costa
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Shes another up and comer shes got talent to spare and looks to kill Watch out for her in the future.
Date Posted: December 07, 2001 11:47
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I like this game it gets addictin after a while (oh those countless hours ive spent slavin over a simple game like this) when u press play u might have to download the FREE shockwave flash player thing (its free so dont worry )
Source: shockwave
Date Posted: December 07, 2001 11:47
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El Coqui
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Such a cute little froggy woggy oh yes u r (thats a long O in the pronunciation with the stress on the last syllable (which sounds like the word key)) oh yes u r
Date Posted: December 07, 2001 11:47
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