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It’s a given. California is deposing the King of the junk
bonds. I say this simply because it is now certified that
Governor Gray Davis is going to face a recall, and will be
removed. No ifs, ands, or buts about that one.

Now, California, according to Standard and Poor’s has a junk
bond credit rating. Surprised? $38 billion dollars in debt,
when the state income has increased by 25% gives us such a
credit rating.

Yet, with all of the ranting and raving from all sides (myself
included), we face the next questions and obstacles. How do we
fix this?

The US House gave us one inkling of how to proceed this
morning, when at 2:42 am they voted to pass HR2427, in perfect
Libertarian fashion, and removed prescription drug restrictions
so the people themselves are free to choose where to purchase
prescription drugs.

The reason this is relevant is the simple fact that by
providing free trade as a matter of public trust, rather than
governmental bureaucratic function, one also provides less
need for regulation funding. The final result is more money in
the pocket of the taxpayer, as well as good old capitalistic

It is conceded that Americans pay roughly 1000 times more for
prescription drugs than the same types, classes, and incomes
in other industrialized nations. Some of the drugs they are
buying are the exact same ones you are. Same company, same
American factory, different price. But now you get in on the
savings, which is excellent for those economically challenged.

This is excellent, no, an absolute victory for the poverty
line and uninsured. Opening the freedoms that are inherent and
due us, as American citizens, also lowers the bottom line for
many HMOs and health insurance networks. Maybe now we can
actually afford health insurance, and won’t need to bloat

But pills are not the only thing California needs. She needs a
fiscal shot in the arm. She needs to reduce her debt, cut her
expenditures, and pay her bills.

She needs to revoke Davis’ contracts in the energy department,
and allow other power companies to form and compete. She needs
to break the monopoly power of the Los Angeles Department of
Water and Power, for one.

Another is to eliminate the vehicle tax to a flat, nominal

She needs to eliminate the illegal immigrant monetary
teat-suckers that drain much needed revenue from the tax
paying citizen. If a person is in this country, in our state,
illegally, then yes, health care should be available. But by
no means should we, the taxpayers, be funding such needs. Los
Angeles County alone discovered 32% of its patients were
illegals, treatment all funded by taxpayer money, valued
in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now the US Chamber of Commerce says they want to extend
amnesty to these people, and that’s a good start. When an
estimated $200 million dollars is leaving the economy bound
for Mexico, where it will never be seen again, then we have a
problem. We can’t at the current even recoup violent criminals
that commit heinous acts against us and our society that depart for

So let’s make a profit, shall we? Our bill to the Federal
Government, who wants our economy and general well-being to
suffer, should compensate us for this negative effect.
$400 million sounds good, plus double the amount for every
penny of taxpayer money spent to feed, house, and care for
illegals, which we are denying our own citizens. If President
Bush can double his salary, so can we.

And we’ll eliminate it from your taxes until we can eliminate
the tax itself.

We should open the border for workers. Sound like a
contradiction? No, it’s not. Any worker in the United States,
and California in particular, should have to do two things:
learn English, the national language, and apply for a worker’s
visa. If you can’t apply, and can’t understand your boss, get
out. It sounds harsh, but our children are suffering directly
from unaffordable expenditures we donate into the thin air,
when we as a state can barely afford the same services
ourselves. All because of this nonsense.

If the public wishes to subsidize such tomfoolery, then let
them do so in the private sector, not with the general tax
funds. There are many charities that do good work here in
California, but the State should not be one of them.

We should promptly deny any lawsuits arising from illegal
immigrants getting injured trying to enter the country.
Californians are not liable for what someone that isn’t even
a Californian is trying to do.

Certain people and groups love to throw the race card when
debating this issue, but other nationals come into this
state and country every year, many from other Latin countries,
and they seem to find the immigration office. It’s not as
if the place is hidden under a Bakersfield barn.

I support acceptance of aliens seeking political asylum. I
feel we should stop sending incoming Cubans and Haitians back.
But when these immigrants integrate into the system, they pay taxes
and participate too. That is the primary effective difference.

Another way to assist the state in healing is to remove the
current fiscal and tax limitations we have placed on small
business and corporations. At the exact same time, we should
remove all corporate welfare provided by the state. Silicon
Valley, you’re on your own.

And finally, since Californians are not evil people, just
broke people, we should remove all restrictions to
all charities servicing the common good. If twenty doctors want to
fund a charity hospital, fine, let them. What harm does it
do? None. Those who truly need the help get it, and we can
donate with the money we now have in our pockets according
to our own conscience, the way the Founding Fathers intended.

We can then afford to live the American dream, since we are the
reason it exists in the first place.

But this is just the beginning. We have a long painful road

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