Backwash – Content – Written While Wondering

This article is dedicated to all the women in the world who had a passion and dedication to learning. There is a woman who lives across my street who is around 86 now, and I have known her for all the time I have spent here in Mauritius, which is 5 years. I have always […]

Confused Ecumenical Offspring

At the beginning of a new year, many people begin to consider losing weight, finding a new/better job, working on a relationship, renovating homes or improving their minds through education. I have long believed that it is impossible to have too much education and I am interested in a course of study this year. Study […]

Latin Examination — Essay on Latin Roots vs. Latin Language

Learning the Latin language can have its advantages, but I’m not so sure that it endows students with all the rewards and benefits that everyone says it does. Nor am I convinced that most of the supposed benefits of learning the Latin language can’t be learned elsewhere or by other methods. First off, learning the […]

Simple But, Nice Methods To learn To Communicate Spanish

Everybody wishes to learn Spanish quick and bother-free lately, and I am sure you need that as well.The similar goes for me, whether it is achievable then I’m all for it.I have discovered the perfect ways for us to learn Spanish fast and easily.You can do it but without having to purchase books or taking […]

World Internet Summit SMASHED

I am VERY sorry to hear you will not be comming Pearson as IT would have been nice to have had a long chat with YOU. You said in one of your other posts “that other then the guy from Singapore, it was unlikely that anyone would want your Learning English cd’s” or something on […]